The First Post… well its My Speech!.. well on Me of course!!

IMG_20140417_044529Friends, foes, and my dear Mr. Toastmaster whom am still debating to count as which, a very exciting afternoon.

On this calming cold day of winter solstice, I first thank you all for gathering together and giving me this singular opportunity to unabashedly boast myself for an unbroken 2 long minutes. So without further adieu, here’s the me!

At 6’1’’, and weighing a good 76 kilos, the first impression that people form of me is their dreamy tall, dark, and handsome Prince Charming. But regrettably, and I guess fortunate for them all, I have shamelessly caused most if not all of those dreams to go off in a puff of sulphuric smoke. Am complex, all my relationships have been complicated, I love coffee and think Deepika Padukone is cute.

I was born in the Agra, the city of tragic love, have lived and studied at Assam, Bangalore, Agra, Nagpur, Orissa and Chennai. And trust me when I say, joining theses places on the map doesn’t bring out the outline of Monalisa. I have tried it. As for this nomadic existence, well it has been the courtesy of the Govt of India’s cunning design to frequently transfer Defence officials, including my dad at Air Force, so that they don’t gather popular opinion of the locals and cause a coup. And there scheme has worked so far.

Dad flies planes, in addition to hoarding degrees which includes a bachelors in science, one in law, a masters in business admin and a remorseless phD. As for my mom, well guess she lost her mind the day she ran away from her family to marry dad at the Registrar’s office and is yet to regain it. She is an engineer cum lawyer and my home is a veritable bedlam of legal rebuttal and repartee. Believe me, they quote IPC sections when they argue with words darting between kitchen and dining room clashing right in front of my own sorry room!

But that’s not it. I got a genius brother, now at IIT, handsome, brainy, funny, a breathing image of my legend and wants to be a theoretical physicist some day. And well let me quip it before I forget, I want to be a researcher in cognitive neuroscience, and figure out how the brain works! My world is incomplete without my wonderful pet, Mu, yes the greek letter mu, my dog, a bitch actually, a Ripley’s believe it or not cross between a pomerean and a Labrador!

Let me be immodest enough to add that I am a born leader. I indeed am! I have been my class captain all through my school, school captain in high school, and continued the tradition into college where was the student representative. I love authority! Or as Alan Shore puts it in Boston Legal, ‘am slut for authority’! And I quite remained in the forefront of academics partly cos I like to know things, and partly spurred by this same hedonistic pleasure of being an authority figure in what I do, where I do.

When I meet someone, am acutely interested in knowing what the person is interested. Shared interests form a great starting point for all happenings. So here is what I do with my time. I got quite a variegated list. I basically love outdoors. I cherish the thrill of trekking through forests and mountains, and in particular am fond of doing that alone. The danger adding to the thrill. I go skating, both in-line and roller. I play basketball and am in my college team. I put my pen to paper once in a while to write something remotely creative. I love books. I love all genres but for horror and mysticism. While I readily read any book that crosses my hand, Ayn Rand, Dan Brown, Thomas Hardy, O Henry and Anton Chekov are in my look-out-for list. And something about Ayn Rand, had she been alive, given her brains, I would have married her any day, well of course, presuming she consents, which is quite only a formality given its me the other end of the bargain. I seriously think there is nothing sexier than a woman with great brains, except one with great brains and long legs! But lets not side-track. Movies, am a killer for movies. Every Friday is my weekly pilgrimage to PVR, my favorite theatre. And I think Mr. Nobody, a Belgian cross-genre drama with a multi-linear narrative is the greatest piece of celluloid till date. I also take time to go swimming. And archery, well I have completed my Beginner’s course and am starting with Professional. And I would be leaving a huge void of me if I don’t mention driving. I love long drives. Guess it’s the bug of going places from dad that I caught up. Plus stargazing through my telescope, and growing hair on my head also fall within my interests. Gym, yes, I go there once every other week!

That should be about it I guess.

And let me just add in the passing, that am a doctor. Yes the one that hangs a steth round his neck, wears a boring white coat and treats people. And I got trained in this science as is an art at Madras Medical College, the second oldest college in India, that’s tied with the oldest hospital, Rajiv Gandhi Govt General Hospital, of the country, both sited at the heart of Chennai.

Let me conclude on  a philosophical note. All great speakers do, thus. I mean like, either way, nevermind. So yes, the philosophical bit. What a person is, needn’t be how he portrays himself.

All right then. Thanks for being such tolerant audience. U have been adorable! Now heave that deep sigh of relief you have been holding up right for such long. So long then. Good day good people!


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