Raanjhanaa..A Review

Raanjhanaa-Poster-1I have grown watching movies. N given the prodigious output of bollywood, we Indians seldom have any else to remember having grown with. But despite movies many, the themes have been despairingly sparingly-few. And the genre that has taken the lion’s share of the celluloid space, as of our imagination is love. Well why not! With love being such a profuse and profound feeling, it seems only befitting. But the expression of love as had been featured has been uninspiring in being unreal.

The proud Yash banner shelling film-after-film, where against unimaginable odds, characters collude and go happy. It does leave one feeling happy and good, but not without that skeptic sneer that such happens only in films.

But this is not just the age of Yash Raj films. It’s also the eon where Shakespearean tragedy has caught up with the populace. Its like, each generation rediscovers the profoundness and immortality of love that lives with the tragic demise of the lovers’. Though it shows morbid demise, the undertone is that of the promise that love trumps all, maybe even life. But still, though not particularly feel good, we are left feeling that such too happens only in films.

Caught in the desert of these two extremes, while one is all simmering hot with passionate love that wins and lives, the other is frigid cold love that dies to win. And then comes as a breather of a movie of the cadre of Raanjhanaa that shows you a glimmer of what on earth is love indeed!

It’s a movie that’s not hopelessly optimistic nor brilliantly tragic. Its plain real.

It shows love as an emotion with its many varied avatars. It shows love that sparks at a moment as well as one that sprouts over time. It shows of love that is etched soul deep while another that is forgotten without a glimmer of regret overtime. It shows love that can’t be done-with as against love that can be done again. It shows of love that causes one to be selfish while another to be selfless. It shows love that causes one to take advantage of another, while also of love that lets one be taken advantage of. It shows that love needn’t be always returned, howsoever profuse and profound it may be. It shows that love, honest-true-pure-heartfelt love, can go unrequited.

In a stroke the movie that shows that love needn’t always win. That it too may doom, and doom in a miserable manner with no accolades. That love may cause death. Not death as in a beautiful sacrifice that immortalizes it. But as a tragic unsavory demise that sears in betrayal and vengeance. While love causes one to kill, it also causes one to die. And that love, which burns with such selflessness that it tires and dwindles off in the end.

It’s in wading with deft adroitness through these varied flavors of love does one realize the most certain truth about love, that its varied. It’s an emotion that comes in very varied versions and that while may be beautiful, may also be something that leaves a bitter after-taste at its inherent unfairness…


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