The Vacillation of Cogitation

The smile of a pretty woman is so very influential! It feels like the gush of morning breeze blow on to you from all around. It sets your heart racing and thoughts pacing, and well not to say, the adrenaline coursing through your veins. How would it have been had there been no hormone occupying the niche of adrenaline in human body!

No single act of spontaneous behaviour. No speech influences. No life in competitive sports, neither in playing nor in watching. No food entices. No sight incites. No thought inflames. And no dreams fires and makes you run that extra mile you need to realise it! But why do dreams happen at all!

The beauty of human brain lies in the fact that, at its engine works the principles of quantum mechanics and its expression can be very lucidly observed at the macro level. The mechanics of ideation, how from no where a thought strike in your brain, how an initiative is formed, how tendencies occur in people, even censured thought-out responses, all happen driven by the probabilistic and inherent uncertainty of the quantum world hovering in and about neurons. Really, how uncertain is life!

People enter into our lives’ from no where, influence it, and as smoothly take off to never return, it’s just so astoundingly unforeseen. The sights we witness, the things we read, the points we learn, the places we visit, the songs we hear, the actions we execute, their consequences, the whole life as it is, seems so different from moment to next, as if the world is on an endless journey to metamorphose into something else. Men do metamorphose too!

Random-Thoughts (1)We change. We all change over time. What defines a person is how he carries himself, how he interacts with others, how he annotes priority to the things in the world about and what is he passionate for. And any of these change, powered by the experiences he goes through, be it in the real world outside, or the fictitious world of movies and novels, a man, every man is on an endless spiral of becoming else. Men should like women!

For the theist, God created men and women, two genders. He did not make the participants of this multiplayer game called life all men or all women. And his actions are quite purposeful you see. Well as for the atheist and agnostic, not being moved by a creature of the other gender is a sincere disrespect and sheer disobedience to the hormones that surge through your body and not to say, their amygdale in brain will soon undergo disuse atrophy!  As against atrophy, tropic changes in response to forces of nature are the only responses that make sense.

Geotropism, the root grows down while shoot up of a plant in response to gravitational force; chemotropism, the germ tube of a pollen courses through the stigma of the pistil to reach the ovum in the ovary in response to chemical gradient down the stigma; and primeval human behaviour, to search for food, to protect self with warmth, and from cold and draught, and to explore and exploit the nature around, these too are tropic changes evolved over eras spanning long lineages! Mine is a queer lineage I will say.

Dad’s dad was a farmer, with long stretches of fields. And his wife kept a garden where she grew vegetables for lunch and dinner. Mom’s dad was a teacher at a Govt school and his wife, well, she was a home-maker! My dad was into defence, mom into academics, as for my bro and me, we consider selves’ as two odd nuts rolling about, forming original paradigms, with an extended list of interests and fun enough to keep selves never bored of self! Boredom is a bane!

We feel bored when we are involved in things that doesn’t interest us, or no more interests us. Life is a one time opportunity. Some sixty years, and all will be starting on our journey to the beyond! So the moral of the story is, do what interests you, have fun, make most of each passing moment and live thy life to the fullest! My stomach doesn’t feel full with one magi at the college Nescafe.

Its like, I actually go there to have some gala time with mates. Call out the order aloud and trifle over who gets the larger share of the order! As apart from this, I also quite like to sit at the café in the late eve, with the whole campus having a serene stillness and the trees lulling in the wind. Sitting alone, make an order, and eat slow. At those couple moments, though being a period of relative physical inactivity, I get to feel so very alive and, well happy.


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