The Flow of Life



The quiet was complete

the pond, still n unrippled

the trees, stood unruffled

the soil, hid moisture

the pebbles,  lay as laid


I wondered,

is quiet and calm the same?

is quiet calm or the way round

the calm quiet, or

do they ever relate?


I recollected,

when in spite of noise

when despite the crowd

while all seemed busy

there reigned a calm


but now, i see

on this island with

the pond, its trees,

the soil and pebbles

though its quiet, calm

it isn’t


I know what’s amiss

though it wil set ripples

cause a ruffle

steam up the moisture

and shake the pebbles


the breeze, without it

the quiet disquietens

the calm allures

for calm is not

in the standstill


its in the flow of life.


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