Honour me with your company, will you sweetheart…?!

imageshnBeautiful creations of God are a treat to the eyes, a pleasant present to the heart and a joyous elixir to the soul. Many men would have blurted similarly in their best of moods, at moment when we find self at the receiving end of the niceties of life. But, from a distant vantage point, from where one gets to see life whole, these cherished moments seem bracketed within tumult and tragedy.

Now not all philosophers are men rejuvenated from post traumatic depression and asked to reflect, but this one is one such. I was seated in the sanctuary of the modest college of mine, crunching through the essentials of life, my meals and the essentials of living, my notes. Half way through the former and done with the latter, I regained my senses to the regale about. The chatter and cross-talks missed a beat and then flared azure as just then, one of the most charming and lovely creations of God, my perspective! joined the congregation.

My O my! God indeed was an artist of excellence. She had speckless beauty and spotless grandeur. A radiance of vitality and enigma permeated her self. And she endowed a poise matched by none. She definitely had her charm cast forth on me, for her presence made my heart beat faster by about 10 beats and my body showed visible signs of tremor and audible signs of palpitation!

But why? What’s in her! All she is, is but a creature with finely carved physical attributes and closely censured demeanour. What need is it to be incited by her! Why notice her! Why feel different!

But I wouldn’t heed! Heart is not subject to the rationality of the mind. And I being a heartfelt soul, yielded. I joined the regale on the table. I proposed a toast. The chatter swelled. Enthusiasm is infectious said someone, not without truth! And in course of socialising and fine tuning my projected image, I tried to grasp the attention of this beautiful lovable creature. And I indeed did.

I had but tumultuous violence in my heart. It was borne out of the uncertainty looming about the consequence of this future endeavour of mine. No asset of mine was on stake yet there was anxiety in my heart. No hurt was to be inflicted yet I was bothered by any infinite multitude of untoward possibilities. I took courage, put self together enough to endeavour and raised self.

I addressed her and asked, “My lady, will you honour me with your company for a movie tomorrow.” She looked lost. Stupefied. What little wind was left in my breathless lung was dead! She rolled her impossibly white eyes up and about. She locked sight with mine, and asked which one. I stammered, with great disgrace to all the lessons I had taken on voice modulation and phonetic intonations, “How about a romantic comedy! Have heard Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani is rejoicable.” She frowned. My heart stopped. And with the sweetest of smiles to be ever bestowed upon me, in her curly voice she said, “Sure sweetheart. But only if you promise to pay for the pop-corn and coke!”

My heart took a double take. I was ecstatic. But,…. lets face it now. The tumult was done. The moments then were joyous. But it rained, well yes, it did indeed and completed the cycle with tragedy the day next. Though another Sunday is yet to come!!


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