The Serenade

happy (1)Life is to live, and how lively it becomes when its enliven with a bounty of love and laughter. I do not contend the fact that there is another end to this spectrum of life. But for one small moment, allow me to excuse the rigor of sceptic rational realism that’s taken sway in these times, and immerse ourselves in the serenade of all that’s good that gladdens our heart.

How nice it feels to behold the person whom you like, you admire, you adore, and you feel you connect with. It feels nice and happy. A calm aura of beatitude seems to pervade around. You feel good. You feel a sense of gladness dripping down your heart. You cherish the moment and hope for life to be no different than then. How much you feel light and happy.

We may live a lifetime, but how come that one and some such moments seem to define the life that we lived. It seems so significant and important. It just seems it! We speak of purpose, profit and pointfulness, but it’s all arbitrary anthropic constructs, san any intrinsic meaning. An apple is an apple because it’s been named an apple. But the taste of it, the bright redness of it, its smooth oblong contour truncated at either ends, with that little brown stalk and a green leaf attached, well it means, seems and is beyond any human construct that we can bestow upon. Thus goes with our life and its many moments.

One may live for a reason, but its through moments such, as the one that i have felt, that this whole existence seems to be non-futile, to be non-frivolous, it all seems to rise above the mean mediocre mundane, it fills your heart, touches your soul, and wells up that slick lining your eye into a tiny droplet of tear that sings in serenade of the joy in your heart that you feel glad that you live. I indeed feel glad to live.


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