Pointful and Pointless..


Mankind, even womankind

came of age, as when

we looked into emptiness and quizzed,

why are we?


In this overwhelmingly vast

expanse of existential cascade, on

a lonely lively blue dot

are we, all of we.


We ask, time again

why are we? And we try,

to figure it out as by

if we are not, then what?


Ages have passed and ages

hence, many lonely broodings

are to bother and burden under it

as for resolution, well is there one?


People say they found answer,

people say the answer is unfindable,

people say the question is wrong,

people, well are people!


Whether any or all of them are true,

how does it matter? Why

need i even care, take the

bother to concern myself?


Am i not curious? Well, yes, am!

But that’s not my only curiosity!

My curiosities galore, from

pinhead to people to planets!


As for why live! Well, why not?

Why care! Well, why not again?

Even if the whole thing is pointless,

why the big fuss!


We still got things happening,

got things to make happen.

Life can never be nothing, for

even nothing is something.


If the whole point was purposeful

plans laid down, roles set

task ready, enlistment on,

how bore it instead would be!


Glad am i as life is, and

be it bright beautiful, or

boring burdensome, either way

any way, life is life, and is unto itself.


Point being, well, is there

a definite necessity for a point to be?

Why need there be a point,

even pointless is just as fine and filling!



4 responses to “Pointful and Pointless..

  1. Thanks for stopping by at my Blog & for sharing your views 🙂

    Meaningful poem. Hope everyone understands. The world can’t afford any further ‘fuss’ over religion…

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