The Road Taken




The long snaking road

twists and turns through

into the silhouetted horizon.


Its sure leads somewhere.

Just because it is there

it need must.


As does it lead from some.

To go to one, one

need leave from the other.


One may tread on it

to go to there,

where he has a purpose.


Or, one may tread on it

to leave from here,

where he likes it not.


Or, one may tread on it

to just tread upon,

for there’s a road there.


Amongst many, some are long,

some short, while some

only gravel and weed.


All roads are good, all’s well

all that one need concern

is one that suites self.


Its not easy, though

this walk, or the run,

through upon.


It takes some courage,

and insight

to leave this here.


It takes resilience,

and strength

to walk on & on upon.


And miss not to dream

that brave dream

the there that’s to reach.


The walks long, lonely

Why not have company?

A fellow to walk along.


A companion, the mate,

be it friend, family or love

to keep charm and cheer,


For the walks long.

Though many entries

and exists exist, the walks long.


Thus, why not love, all four

the road, the there, the companion

and of course, the self.


Though it doesn’t make

much sense, this love,

it sure does mean a lot.



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