Bringing Forth And Winding Up The Trail


I held self filled with happiness,

Pure, Pious and Pleasing

The day I learnt, that to whelm my emptiness,

Was to take birth a breathing talking being.


I guarded self as a fragile delicate flower.

Nurtured, Nourished and Nursed

the bud ripening deep in me. N felt did I, it hover,

As my dreams with fervent flavor, took to sail.


Whom it would look like, whom it would be like

What shall I name thee

I want it to be whole and healthy, be nice

I prayed to the Almighty.


The day came, the one I fret, and yet I yearned

When pain struck like lightning.

Pain I never felt like, pain I never knew

Came gushing from below to grip me into a tight clasp.


God I know not, how I met through

Screaming, Moarning, Crying

Feeling like being torn from within

I pushed, strained and pumped with all my might


And when I felt not able to bear it any more

As the world seemed to closed down upon

The twang of pain peaked sharp up, and heard did I

A shrill disconsolate baby-cry


I remained held to the real, by a sleek thread of conscious

And the cry filled me up till the throat, My Lord

I felt like I never did before, ever had I not

The child, my child, lay placed in my arm.


It twitched and grimaced, cried a bit more

My own flesh, my own blood, my own piece of me

I held it close and felt its breath

As it sucked on the breast of me


And on that one moment, that particular one

Believe me I found my purpose

I discovered my destiny, I discovered my significance

I owed to fulfill the vow of a mother, that I was meant to be.


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