The Choice


The clouds gathered high up and shed

            torrent of rain that Monday noon

While sat drenched without a shed

            an old lady like a lone buffoon.


Passed on the very same pavement a busy bee

            in coat and a suit and a tie and a boot

He saw the lady but turned not a thought, see

            he ignored her and walked on mute.


A man wanting a social crusade next

            stood beside the poor vagabond

A nice long taunting lecture he considered best

            to inspire her to rise like james bond.


The pure pious profuse believer came

            saw, shed a tear and quickened steps

Sitting in his comfy home he repeats the name

            of God to help, the poor sitting on the step.


With a basket in hand, and purse in basket

            the wife happened to witness she

Picking money she spared after buying gasket

            lays in the hands of the old lady for free.


And the jumpy bouncy kid with bag and bottle

            was returning home the way

Seeing the lone old buffoon dripping wet, he settle

            his umbrella in her hand and went happily away.



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