On College Farewell 1


Skinny guys and pony-clad girls, walked in to this place.

It was a Wednesday, half a decade ago.

Well the place is quite still the same, but we, well

Have changed beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

We know where’s the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris,

We know what’s fibrosing pneumonitis.

We know to dribble, to sprint, to sing dance and cook.

We slept late, saw films, watched through eight seasons of House.

Kalaioma, Revivals, Enciero, we watched, we wooed, we won!

Mess lunch, Mass bunk, Men’s common hall, Man we did it all!

It was one turbulent time. Time of change. Time to change.

Most did for good. Some well, did otherwise.

But all came through, richer with lessons, with love, with life.

Its no farewell. We aren’t leaving planet earth for mars or Jupiter.

We will be just a phone call, a road-ride, at most, a plane ticket away.

Its not farewell, only a formality. But its to wish you well,

For now, we are men, we are women,

And the world’s for us to win!


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