On College Farewell 2


We walked in to sit together, five and about half a year ago

A hundred and about half strong, for the orientation session.

Its was amidst this sea of unknown faces, that we met first.

Its been a long trip, we must admit, quite a roller-coaster ride

There were up’s and down’s, life and love, friends and foes,

Games, exams, Gym and Glamour, Books, Bikes, heartbreaks

We went through a lot, worked quite a lot, did a deal lot, and

Today, we pause, in heartfelt reverie, to reflect, to revive

The lessons, the joy, and the jolts, the journey brought.

That now, we, who came as unassuming boys and girls,

Stand at the threshold of this open society, as men and women,

Brave, bold, enamored with friendship, love and the art to heal.

May we walk long, for the journey is long, its nowhere near a close,

It’s a beginning of yet another trip, wishing you well, let’s make it count.



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