A Poetic Romance

Hasee-Toh-Phasee-PosterI recently watched Hasee Toh Phasee (literally, ‘if she smiles, presume she’s hooked’), a bollywood product. And then I watched it again. And well, once more as well.

It was the kind of non-mainstream, unconventional, unorthodox romance, with open reins. The characters didn’t have to worry of society, or any social repercussions. And their love had a kind of unapologetic undertone to it, that it will thrill your heart in a genuinely uplifting way.

A succinct plot schematic would be that guy and girl are in a relationship for seven years. But though there is love there, its quite strained given the girl throwing tantrums of ‘breakup’ every other day. The guy though is sweet enough to remain and convince her every time. It’s their wedding week, a sister of the girl comes into the picture. She is quite a personality. Open, frank, impulsive, outspoken and quite very unapologetic. The guy and this girl’s sister hit it off very well. In one scene, she spells it out to him that u are not doing right by marrying her, instead marry me. And the guy quips, I cant leave seven years of commitment for seven days. What’s the guarantee that this wont turn wry?!

The rest of the movie is well how that scenario unravels.

But what really touches your heart is the pure innocence of the dialogues, almost like childish banter. They speak without hold or reserve. In a scene the guy fresh from another storming-out instance by his girlfriend confides to this girl, “Am tired. Every other day ‘breakup’. If I do something, ‘breakup’. Even if I don’t do anything, ‘breakup’. Sometimes, even I want to say ‘breakup’ and walk away. But I know she wont come to convince me.” As when the girl says, if its so tiring then why don’t to ‘breakup’ with her, and he replies, “It happens in a relationship. Its not perfect. Its made perfect. Its easy to just throw up ur hands and walk away. But we are humans, not animals. It not about jumping ships. Its staying and keeping the boat afloat.” To this the girl quips, “Your notions are very practical, but totally depressing and unromantic!”

And in one of the climax scenes, the bride confides in him, “I know I used to say ‘breakup’ quite too often. But I knew, you wont leave. That you would come back. That you would convince me. Maybe that was why I wasn’t worried about saying ‘breakup’.”

It was this innocent honestly, a genuine simplicity with which these very human and subtle emotions are portrayed that am moved to watch the film for a fourth time. And believe me, the only other movie I have watched more than once is Avatar!


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