The Day Mu and Tao Became Friends…

20140625_151335Mu and Tao, other than being Greek alphabets also hold the distinction of being the names of my pets. Mu is my affectionate and naughty pup while Tao is my tricky little pet rabbit. As an aide to help you conjure their images, Mu is white with a red collar which he adores and Tao is grey-brown, being a wild rabbit.

I brought home Mu first and Tao followed after some 8 months. The day Tao entered home, Mu got all hyper and went about sniffing him all over, while Tao crouched in a corner afraid in the new surrounding. It took about a week before Tao got over his misgivings. But once he was out about, he turned out to be a rowdy. Hopping about from bed to furniture to kitchen slabs, nibbling bro’s chemistry books, my Harrison and mom’s law books, the little guy never tires. He didnt even spare dad’s monthly subscription of Labour Law Magazine. And curiously Tao has a special liking for electronic stuffs. Each single wire from that of mobile charger to laptop cable to telephone wire have been replaced time and again. (Note- we keep both Mu and Tao unrestrained, roaming free full-time in home. Mom’s a wonderful animal trainer, take me and bro as examples! The two pets use only preset spots for their personal conveniences. They roam about, sleep on sofa and bed, and while Mu has become a coffeeholic along with me, Tao loves to share dosa’s and chappati’s from my plate)

Soon Mu started seeing Tao as family. He in fact would once in a while go searching around the home looking for Tao and satisfy himself that he is there and is fine. Its heartening to see Mu pour his affection upon Tao. But Tao is a Don! He wouldnt give Mu a second thought. As if teasing your lover, Tao would hop and hide everytime Mu would come to him. It remained so till this day, a few months ago, when something incredible happened.

So here’s the setting. It’s evening. Me, mom and bro are in the living room. Am sitting on the sofa with my hefty textbook of Medicine while mom’s beside immersed in her dissertation on Patent Law. Bro was sitting across the teapoy with Resnick on his lap, pen in his mouth and hand scratching his head.

Mu was resting under the sofa. There is another single seater sofa to our right about 3 yards away. I know am guilty of the quantity of description am pouring so blandly, but its quite needed to stage the act. Yes, so there is this single seater sofa to our right and it happened that Shagesh’s, now that would be my brother, some book was lying on it. Tao came leisurely hopping into the living room and hop! jumped onto the single seater sofa.

20130811_105821Shagesh doesn’t quite like Tao. His argument is that Tao never takes a bath. Though he very much adores Mu. Ok, back to the scene. So Tao hops on to the sofa and starts nibbling Shagesh’s book, i think that was chemistry. Mom promptly cautions bro as about it, and in a fury of rage, yes, literally, he barges towards the sofa and pulls the books from under Tao’s long feet. Now as Tao was till then leisurely perched upon  the book, he loses balance and tumbles to the edge of the sofa. He is losing grip of the rounded sofa edge, he is about to fall, and is clambering to remain up and then something happened that left us all in awe.

As if a stroke of lightening, Mu sped from under our sofa (the one me and mom we sitting upon) and covered the 3 yards in a split second to reach near Tao, who’s still clambering to gain a grip while slipping down. He, (that would be Mu) then gently turned his nose, i should rather say his snout, up to under Tao and helped him up the sofa. Dear me!

We three, this would be mom me and bro, were struck dumb! It was so incredible and sweet that we smiled wide from ear to ear and mom even had a drop of tear forming at the corner of her eyes (sentimental woman! hah!). Shagesh went and hugged Mu while Tao now sitting comfortably on the sofa blinked, maybe trying to figure out what had just happened.

But believe me, since that moment, Tao has become Mu’s greatest companion. He keeps following Mu where-ever he goes, as if like a vodafone dog (though technically he is a rabbit, anyhow). He shares Mu’s feed with him, he sleeps beside him, and when awake and active, he hops around Mu, and often through between Mu’s legs as if circumambulating him. Not to miss, he also sometimes hops on him while he is in sound sleep causing him to wake with a start!

Now this is not any piece of fiction. The skeptic may come ask mom or bro, or if you want more unbiased witness, ask the sofa, teapoy, tv, chair, either of the two huge book-shelves or the tubelights and fans in the living room.

They have been thick friends ever since and by all means till ever hence. Even as am typing this, i got Mu chewing my great toe while Tao is nibbling Mu’s tail!

If ever distrust, unrest or misgivings crop in my heart, this simple incident never ceases to brighten my self. I even sometimes wonder, when such affection and loving-care can sprout between two members of different species (as a matter of fact they even belong to different family and order, Mu belongs to Canidae while Tao to Leporidae), why the heck on earth do we human’s quibble and quarrel amongst our breathren! Just a thought! But nevermind!



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