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Out in the East

The Sun refused to rise

As if, this would keep

The dreadful day from unfolding.


But spurred by its sincerity,

it did indeed rise!

It rose, it rose to light the ground

Restoring vision to eyes, which were

Only to be staunched with bloody red.


With the break of dawn

were trumpets blared.

The war-cries exchanged

And the savage instinct of kill unleashed.


Men dressed in blue jumped

Over ones in red.

Swords were crossed,

shield struck

Arrows shot and blows exchanged.


But with the day progressing

The kill peaked, only to be subdued.

It did indeed subdue

But not till only two heads remained unsplit.


One of a man, clad in red, and

The other of a horse, with blue saddle above.

It was only these two that stirred

While all that remained was stilled

By the piteous onslaught.


Men, with swords pierced through their heart

Brave-hearts with arrows in their eye

Dove-eyed, with shields severing their necks

And thick-necked, with no head to support.


It ended. It all did end.

But for the exultation of only one!


That single man, clad in red

Sprinkled the red blood of blue over his brow

He touched, O yes, he did indeed

The fore-head of his enemy general

With his dirty half-smashed left little toe.


He jumped in feigned ecstasy

He sung in coarse joviality

He swore full throttle, and he swooned

For what little life was left in his tattered body

Got spent in cruel merriment.


While as his body fell onto the ground

His eyes, with unwonted pity

Cast upon the only unfortunate survivor

Of the defeated battalion,

The horse in blue.


Knelt was it, knelt on all its four

with its tail stilled

its eyes half-filled

it lowered its head


To lick upon its dead master

Dressed in blue, though drenched in wicked red!



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