Slow tides..

On a lonely peaceful Sunday

You walk to that counter

To grab your cup of coffee.

The night had stretched long

Till into dawn

Heralding another day upon.

You start back

Through the deserted walk-way

That lulls to a slow sublime tune.

The pleasing breeze

A little gift for the noon

From the surprise winter-shower.

You halt a moment by that lawn

For no reason or rhyme

And feel the coffee slip down your throat.

You like this momentary solitude

This peaceful poignant serenade

A slowing of time and life’s tide.

And leaving your solitary looming

Un-perturbed, leaps and bounds toward

That white furry bastard, the Lab.

A loving little fellow

He nudges and pirouettes around

The you though he knows not.

All he sees is your inviting smile

Your big palm caressing his head

And that loving suffusion of affectionate love.

At that instant,

your life at the noisy campus canvas

Blips momentarily inside.

You smile with the little friend

And confide in him

It’s worth it.

If all’s in due are but these

Little soulful jingles

It’s worth it.

And you walk your lone stroll back

As toward the lab,

Where civilisation and science awaits.